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Posted By : Michele Bambola (
Posted : 2/28/2016
Comments : I just want to let everyone know what a caring group of doctors & assistants this animal hospital has. I took my golden retriever Buddy here for years.. this past November we had to put him down... I called the office & spoke with an assistant, she knew we had to call a vet to come to the home.. The next day we received a kind & sympathetic call from the office.. which was so kind. A week later they sent such a wonderful sympathy & condolence card for our loss. Then I received a letter that they had made a contribution in Buddy's name for pets that go to the Rainbow Bridge. These doctors & staff have hearts of gold. Thank you sooo very much, it certainly did not go unnoticed. Great caring & loving veterinary hospital!!

Posted By : John Wheeler (
Posted : 9/8/2015
Comments : I have a 2 year old Akita named Sarge who was diagnosed hypothyroid in Feb. 2015. Not many people and vets know that the Akita's thyroid levels need to be in the high normal range which is what brought us to switch from another practice to Three Village. I know Dr. DeVerna from years ago and have now met Dr. Cintron. They are all taking wonderful care of my boy and have his thyroid levels where they belong. I've gradually been watching the skin infections decrease, his coat growing back, and he's transforming into the happy boy I know. He loves the entire staff because of the friendly atmosphere they have. Thank You for being there for us.

Posted By : sophie wokanick
Posted : 8/21/2015
Comments : Three Village Animal Hospital is a pleasure to visit with my dogs. The office is run very well and has a caring staff. Dr. Cintron shows his love of animals. Our dogs receive the very best of care here.

Posted By : Linda Barlotta (
Posted : 6/3/2015
Comments : I posted recently about my experience with TVVH. I can only reiterate my praise. Two days ago I had to put my little Bambi to sleep. I must especially thank Dr. Cintron for seeing us through the process. He is so kind. But my little boy's life was long and happy due greatly to the care and concern of TVVH. I am unable to express how grateful I am.

Posted By : Linda Barlotta
Posted : 4/24/2015
Comments : We've been with TVVH for over 25 years. Could not imagine going elsewhere. In addition to their professional expertise is the consistent human element; their very real kindness and caring. Office staff, technicians and doctors all are exceptional. In this span of over 25 years, we have had 2 dogs. One, a sweet natured Cairn terrier lived 14 happy years under the care of TVVH, despite having only one eye. Our current pet is a feisty Bichon approaching 16 years of age. He is nearing the end of his life but with the expert treatment and guidance provided by TVVH, he has been as active and exuberant as a puppy, even today. I am happy with all of the doctors but Drs Cintron and DeVerna have been especially involved I my pets' lives and I could not be more grateful. Thank you all.

Posted By : Robin
Posted : 4/5/2014
Comments : I have been taking my pets to Dr. DeVerna and TVVH for over 21 years. I recently moved 40 minutes away and I still take my pets to TVVH. The veterinarians and the staff are the best. They recently saved my cat. And while he will always be at risk because of his medical condition I know that he would not be alive and doing so well if not for everyone at TVVH. Sundance thanks them all.

Posted By : Melissa Van Horn (
Posted : 2/9/2014
Comments : I not only use Three Village Veterinary for my personal animals, but frequently recommend them to my grooming customers as well. I trust them explicitly and value their professionalism, but above all their compassion... all the doctors there are great & the fact that they put up with my MANY emergencies (& my neurosis) makes them my fav. Love you guys <3

Posted By : theresa kaplon (
Posted : 8/6/2013
Comments : I have been with this practice for over 25 years. the doctors are so caring and compassionate. had to put my daisy girl to sleep today and they made it as easy as they could. RIP daisy girl,,and thank you Dr. Cintron and Dr. Carilla

Posted By : Cathy Shea
Posted : 7/30/2013
Comments : My beautiful 14y/o Hailey (Shepherd/Chow)needed to be put down and although it broke my heart, Dr. Cintron was so compasionate and caring to her I knew she was in the very best of hands. I can't say enough about how caring and understanding Dr. Cintron and the entire staff is....from the bottom of my heart...THANK YOU!

Posted By : Cynthia M.
Posted : 10/3/2012
Comments : Dr. DeVerna has taken care of my pets for 20+ years. It is a lovely office, compassionate, and always took great care of my dogs. All the staff is great. I don't have a dog right now, but if I get another one, I will definitely be back.

Posted By : The Curcio's
Posted : 9/12/2012
Comments : We started coming here over 8 years ago with Bernie the Beagle, after visiting different vets, in the hopes of finding the "right one". Two years later Bernie's little sister Chloe a Multipoo, became a patient and a year ago, our latest & last addition Baby Diesel a Mastiff/lab, also became a patient. All the doctors and entire staff have treated my three dogs with genuine love & gentleness despite their different personalities, ages & sizes. We came here in the hopes of finding the "right one ", we found the "PERFECT ONE". Its clean, pleasant & a friendly environment, highly recommended.

Posted By : Katie Oxley (
Posted : 2/26/2012
Comments : At a time when my Pet cat Jager, (who is so incredibly special to me) wasn't feeling well The Drs and staff at Three Village Animal Hospital were incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate! Although receiving bad news about my cat's health, my experience there exceeded my expectations and more during a really upsetting time and I will recommend this office to everyone I know from now on! I'm still unsure about the the survival of Jager but I'm comfortable knowing he will get the best care and I will receive the best advice from the Drs and will just have to hope for the best for my special kitty. Thank you guys xoxo Love Katie Oxley, Donnie Oakes, and Jager

Posted By : Nova Bonomo (
Posted : 1/16/2012
Comments : Dr. Carillo....your caring hands has made me feel sooooo much better!!!!!!

Posted By : Jena Germaine
Posted : 12/7/2011
Comments : Love, Love, loveeeee this place. Thanks Dr DeVerna for being the best vet ever. Trust me when I say I've gona to many animal hospitals in the area and this place is GREAT and the coupons they are offer are great too.

Posted By : Susan Reede
Posted : 7/17/2011
Comments : I brought my cat for her visit vet visit to this practice and I couldn't have been more thrilled. The entire staff was so sweet and knowledgable and they really made me and my cat feel welcome. I am looking forward to bringing in my dog next.

Posted By : Debbie H. (
Posted : 3/4/2011
Comments : This office was recommended to me as I have not found a vet I feel the same about since losing my vet of 18 yrs, Dr. Cliff Conark. My first visit is this week and I have high hopes that I will no longer be searching for compassionate, quality vet care.

Posted By : rande spengler (
Posted : 2/14/2011
Comments : recently, we had to have our sweet Toby put to sleep. He had been under the care of the staff at Three Viaage Vet for many years, first as a pet of my Mom and then ours. He was always treated with gentleness, and love by Drs. Carillo and Cintron. She was as sad as we when we had to let him cross that Rainbow Bridge. I won't forget how loving she was with him. As always, the animals run the show here.The staff is most compassionate also and respectful of the affection we hold for our dear pets. Thanks, Rande and David Spengler

Posted By : Mark and Melissa
Posted : 6/23/2010
Comments : I came to this animal hospital after trying so many in the area. My wife and I could not have been more pleased. The facilities are clean and even smells good. So far, I've met two of the three doctors and they know their stuff! Highly recommended to anyone looking for a vet.

Posted By : Douglas McGavin
Posted : 3/24/2010
Comments : Thank you for saving my cat when she was hit by a car a few years ago. She is still alive and going well thanks to the doctors and great staff.

Posted By : Michele McTernan
Posted : 3/18/2010
Comments : The staff went out of their collective way to help us get information we needed in a hurry. They were all very gracious about helping us in a pinch, and are always very friendly and accommodating. Thank you!

Posted By : Jennifer Timle
Posted : 11/19/2009
Comments : Thanks for taking such great care of all of my pets! Love you guys! I would never go anywhere else....

Posted By : Christina (
Posted : 8/13/2009
Comments : I was so nervous today that my cat Diamond had a UTI. Dr Cintron took such an interest in making sure my cat was ok. He was very gentle and caring. An encounter with a doctor like him really warms a pet owners heart. I would highly recommend this hospital to anyone searching for a vet that is truly passionate about his career. The girls in the office are very efficient and cheery and the vet techs were excellent as well!!

Posted By : Sonja (
Posted : 8/8/2009
Comments : This is the most caring veterinary hospital I have ever visited (and I have visted nearly every one in our area!). The vets are caring... The staff is wonderful and Dr. Carillo is FANTASTIC! Thank you so much! Sonja

Posted By : Maddie (
Posted : 8/8/2009
Comments : Dr. Carillo is the most wonderful vet in the world! She made me feel better in less than 6 days --and I could barely stand and walk! She told me I had vertigo and gave me treatment that had me up and running in no time. I love Dr. Carillo!!!!! (And the staff is extra nice to me as well! I always get treats!) Thank you so very much! Love, Maddie

Posted By : Dude, Tipper, and Bootsie
Posted : 4/17/2009
Comments : Going to the Vet always seemed to be such a traumatic experience until we visited the Three Village Animal Hospital. We absolutely love Dr. Carillo, Dr. DeVerna, and Dr. Cintron. They are exceptional doctors and are so kind and caring. The technicians and entire staff are second to none. Thank you for all you do!! We love you!!

Posted By : Hunter (
Posted : 3/21/2009
Comments : Wow!! Thank you for taking such good care of my new puppy Snuggles. Dr. Cintron gave my family so much information for us to give our puppy the best care and start in life. And Daddy really appreciates your coupon area. Everybody in the office is soooo nice.

Posted By : Alison Rodin (
Posted : 9/19/2008
Comments : What a wonderful group of doctors and staff! I can't say enough aout the unbelievably pleasant and friendly girls at the front desk! Katie and Emily are always there with a smile. Dr. Carillo is one of the most compassionate and caring people I know and she has always provided my pets with excellent care. Dr. Cintron has an extremely calm and soothing demeanor and always makes you feel at ease. His wonderful sense of humor should not be overlooked...he knows I love him even if I throw sarcastic comments his way. Right Dr. Cintron? Let's not forget Dr. Deverna... because without him there wouldn't even be a Three Village Veterinary Hospital. All of the vet techs are extremely adept at what they do...especially those of you who have had the pleasure of dealing with our beloved Eddie, may he rest in peace. Quincy, Laika and Brody are three extremely fortunate doggies to have such an awesome team of doctors and staff members looking after their well-being. An extra special thank you to ALL of you for your kindness and sympathy during the difficult days when Eddie was sick. Although he did eventually sucumb to cancer and crossed the rainbow bridge, it is a comfort to know that he recieved the best possible care while he was still alive. You guys rock! xoxoxo Alison, Andy, Quincy, Laika & Brody

Posted By : Eddie Simmons (
Posted : 4/1/2008
Comments : I recently moved to NY and I love my new vet! They took great care of me when I wasn't feeling well!

Posted By : Dudley
Posted : 3/16/2008
Comments : To all of my friends at Three Village, I just want to thank you all for saving my life!! Especially Dr. Cintron!!! One of your best friends, Dud XOXO

Posted By : Sapphire
Posted : 1/1/2008
Comments : I love DR.Carillo! She made my eye feel a whole lot better and conects with my owners. When I hear the word vet, I no longer cringe in the corner. I leap into the carrier and meow with excitement. THANKS for all you do DR. Carillo!!

Posted By : Barbara Levy
Posted : 12/2/2007
Comments : Drs. Deverna, Carillo and Cintron are all people after my own heart--they look into the eyes of animals to see what they have to say. I have been w/3VVH for over 20 years with cats, chinchillas and rabbits; they have always treated my "other-species" friends (and me) with professional and CARING service. When a loved one's time ulimately has come I know that they feel my pain. Even on New Year's Eve. (God blesses Chemps)

Posted By : Janie Miller
Posted : 8/18/2007
Comments : Dr. Deverna has been seeing my dog for years. My sister brings her dogs to his office too. We love the whole staff, but especially Dr. DeVerna.

Posted By : Maria
Posted : 8/10/2007
Comments : Dr. Carillo is fabulous. A great doctor with a great heart!

Posted By : Brinks
Posted : 8/4/2007
Comments : Everybody loves Brinks!At least that's the way they make me feel at Three village. Dr. Cintron is my favorite, but everybody is so happy to see me that I love to go there! I love you guys!!!

Posted By : Butterscotch (
Posted : 6/5/2007
Comments : I love going to Dr. Cintron. The girls are so nice to me too! Luv, Butters

Posted By : Bob and Linda
Posted : 4/26/2007
Comments : Your staff, especially your technicians, are so friendly and they're love for animals is very apparant.